Justin Froese

I am fortunate to be in a position to listen to a lot of really great music.  Every so often a song hits me like a bolt of lightning and completely floors me.  That happened this past Sunday at Subterranean during ENE’s weekly taping.  The bolt came from California-based singer/songwriter and classically trained guitarist Justin Froese’s set, in particular The Way It Goes.  I’ve included it below but his album, Here Rules, (available on iTunes, etc) is a tenderly crafted folk/pop album worth checking out.




Oh yes

Natalia Lafourcade played the unfortunate Logan Square Auditorium last Friday to a small but enthusiastic crowd. The sound at the place is awful and she came on very late but those that stayed were rewarded with a fantastic – albeit too short – set.  She opened with my personal favorite “Amarte Duele” and below is the second song performed, coincidentally also the second single off her album “Hu Hu Hu.”  How cute is she?


Meet: Green Sugar

GreenSugar is a 5 piece bluesy rock band that surprised me with their gritty rock sound and charming personalities on stage and off.   Originally formed in Los Angeles by singer/guitarist Parker Dodsen, he returned to Chicago and tapped his friend Jon Patrick Luby to drum and help mold their blues/rock sound that he felt could only be found in Chicago.  The current lineup was set in 2007 and they’ve been gigging and making a name for themselves in the midwest.  Their most recent release the EP “Gorillafingers” is now available on iTunes.  Jason Rollins (bass) told me they’re planning to take some time this month to get together and write songs and plan to be in the studio in early 2010.  They’ll be opening for Bela Fleck on December 12 at the Chicago Blues & Bluegrass, you can check out their website for upcoming dates in the Chicagoland area.  Below is their performance of “Trouble” for ENE: Chicago Rocks.

Official Website

Ear Worms: Bobby Brown

Ear worms: the one song that gets stuck in my head and refuses to escape.  Just finished watching an episode of Behind the Music that has been sitting in the DVR for quite some time. The subject: Bobby Brown. Now thanks to that I have the song below struck in my head.  Skip the intro and head on over to about the 0:50 mark and check out some hot dance moves your ass wishes you could copy!! Enjoy!